This is currently under (re)construction.  It will take me a little while, but this is, in principle, a repository of my writings, including collaborative works and stuff in the works.  Most recent is We The Sovereign, a book in the Radical Futures Series of Polity Press.  The two books before that are  Popular Democracywritten with Ernesto Ganuza, and before that, The Civic Imagination, a book/project written by ten hands.

A full list of publications (“CV-like”) is here.

It has been my experience that finding someone’s posted writings can be extremely useful.  Everything here is thus shared in the spirit of collaboration and under Creative Commons.   I’ve also had the frustrating experience of finding an article that copied entire paragraphs of an essay I had posted online without attribution.  Please cite properly, and more than that, please share your own work.

Information wants to be free!

Working Papers:

Democratizing the Green City: Towards a Political Framework.  With Daniel A. Cohen and Hillary Angelo.

Acting in Disillusio:  Urban Planning and The Power(lessness) of Experts.  With Hillary Angelo

Published Works:


Beyond Civil Society: Activism, Participation and Protest in Latin America. Edited with Sonia Alvarez, Agustin Lao-Montes, Jeffrey Rubin, Millie Thayer.

“What is political about political ethnography? On the context of discovery and the normalization of an emergent subfield.” With Claudio E. Benzecry. Theory and Society 46 (3), 229-247

‘Controversies, Authority, and the Limits of Participation: Chicago’s 49th Ward.’ With Nicole Summers. PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review 40 (2), 311-32

“Expert for a day: Theory and the tailored craft of ethnography.” With Diana Graizbord and Michaek Rodríguez-Muñiz. Ethnography 18 (3), 322-344


Popular Democracy: The Paradox of Participation. (BOOK)  With Ernesto Ganuza.  Stanford UP, December 2016.

“Conflicts and Paradoxes in the Rhetoric of Participation,” with Ernesto Ganuza and Nicole Summers. Journal of Civil Society 12:3 (2016) 328-343

Review of Employment and Development Globalization- State and Economy in Brazil.  Also available at Contemporary Sociology 45:4 here.

Review of Ruy Braga A Politica do Precariado in Global Labor Journal Vol. 7, No. 2


Who Will Speak for the People? The Travels and Translation of Participatory Budgeting” in Heller and Rao

The Rhetoric of Participation and Power Struggles in Spain’s New Administrations,” in Bez. (in Spanish)


‘How and When did Participation Become Neoliberal?’ chapter for Remaking Urban Citizenship: Organizations, Institutions, and the Right to the City, edited by Michael Peter Smith and Michael McQuarrie, forthcoming,  2011 Brill Publishers.

Participatory Budgeting as if Emancipation Mattered.  With Ernesto Ganuza.  ( Politics and Society)

The Political and Its Problems. Disavowal and Civic Engagement in the United States. With Elizabeth Bennett, Alissa Cordner, Peter Klein, and Stephanie Savell.   American Journal of Sociology


Beyond the Laboratory: Actor Network Theory and the Ethnographic Imagination. With Diana Graizbord and Michael Rodriguez.  Forthcoming,  December 2013.  Qualitative Sociology.

Politics as interruption Rancière’s Community of Equals and Governmentality.  With Brian Connor. (August 2013, Thesis 11)


The Power of Ambiguity: How Participatory Budgeting Travels the Globe, With Ernesto Ganuza. Journal of Public Deliberation: Vol. 8: Iss. 2, Article 8.

Transformation Institutionalized Making Sense of Participatory Democracy in the Lula Era. 2012. With Einar Braathen and Ana Claudia Teixeira. For Stokke C. and O. Thornquist (eds), Democratization in the Global South: The Importance of Transformative Politics.

Politics Without Banners? The Evolving Saga of the Indignados of Spain. With Ernesto Ganuza.

Co-Designing and Co-Teaching an Ethnography Workshop Class. Alissa Cordner, Peter Klein, and Gianpaolo Baiocchi.



Cultural Sociology and Civil Society in a World of Flows: Recapturing Ambiguity, Hybridity and the Political.  Forthcoming in Handbook of Cultural Sociology, edited by Jeffrey Alexander, Ron Jacobs, Phil Smith. (2010, Oxford University Press)

Bootstrapping Democracy; Urban   (BOOK) Introduction.  With Patrick Heller and Marcelo Silva. Stanford University Press, March 2011.


‘The Politics of the Habitus: Publics, Politics and Race in Brazil.’ (With Lisa Corrado) Qualitative Sociology, Spring 2010.

‘Talking Politics in Participatory Governance’.   in The Handbook of Participation, edited by Andrea Cornwall (2010, Zed Publishers)

Review of Avritzer’s Participatory Institutions in Democratic Brazil in Latin American Politics and Society 2010

Review of Wampler’s Participatory Budgeting in Brazil in The Americas 2010

‘Whither Politics: Comment on Freschi and Meme’ (2000 words) commentary inSociologica, online journal of the Italian Sociology Association (2010).


‘Representation by Design: Participatory Budgeting in Brazilian Municipalities’ with Patrick Heller.  In Rethinking Representation, edited by Olle Thornquist and Christian Stokke (2009, Palgrave)

‘Politicizing the Civic:  Porto Alegre’s Participation in Context’  Forthcoming in Political Participation in Brazil in Chile, edited by Joni Uhlenbeck and Gerard Van der Ree. (2009, Brill Publishers)

‘Cities as the New Spaces for Citizenship Demands: The Movements for Urban Democracy in Brazil, Mexico and South Africa’ in Altered States, M. Menser and H. Gautney, editors.  (Routledge 2009)

A deficit in participatory democracy.’ Editorial in the Providence Journal (April 3 2009)


‘Making Space for Civil Society: Local Democracy in Brazil.’ With Patrick Heller and Marcelo K. Silva. Social Forces, March 2008.

‘The Ethnos in the Polis: Political Ethnographies in Sociology.’  With Brian Connor. in Sociology Compass 1:3, January 2008.

‘The New and the Old in the Workers’ Party of Brazil’ with Sofia Checa.  InLeftovers: Tales of the Latin American Left.  J. Castañeda and M.A. Morales-Barba (eds) (2008, Routledge).

Review of Alexander’s The Civil Sphere in Choice 2008

Review of Daniels’ Race and Multiraciality in Brazil and the United States, in Choice, 2008

Review of Bobo and Tuan’s Prejudice in Politics, in Choice, 2008

Review of Corbridge, Williams, Srivastava, and Véron’s Seeing the State: Governance and Governmentality in The American Journal of Sociology. 2008

‘The Post Doesn’t Travel:  Barack Obama’s Post-Racial Politics Around the World’ in Contexts, Fall 2008. (3,500 words)


‘Could Participatory Budgeting work in the United States?’ with Josh Lerner. in The Good Society, 15, 2007.

Lost in Translation: Brazil’s PT from Local Practices to National Power’ with Sofia Checa. WorkingUSA: A Journal of Labor and Society 24:2, 2007.

‘A Etnografia da Sociedade Civil: O curioso caso do associativismo etnico em Salvador.’ (The Ethnography of Civil Society: The Curious Case of Ethnic Associationalism in Salvador) with Lisa Corrado in O Associativismo no Nordeste. Avritzer, L. (ed) (2007, UFMG)

Review of Holzner and Holzner’s Transparency and Global Change in Contemporary Sociology, 2007

Review of Mariscal’s Brown-Eyed Children of the Sun in Choice 2007.

Review of Davis’ Planet of Slums in Choice 2007.


‘The Civilizing Force of Social Movements: Corporate and Liberal Codes in Brazil’s Public Sphere,’ in Sociological Theory, 24:4, 285-311, 2006. (Featured Research Article for December 2006 Member News and Notes of the American Sociological Association)

‘Deliberative Democracy and Local Governance: Towards a New Agenda,’  with Marcus A. Melo in International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 30 (3), 587–600, 2006. (Introduction to a Symposium on Deliberative Democracy)

‘The Radical Idea of Having a Voice in Your Government: Lessons from the Global South.’  In Boston Review, Spring 2006. (4,000 words)

‘Evaluating Empowerment:  Participatory Budgeting in Brazilian Municipalities.’  With Patrick Heller, Shubham Chaudhuri, and Marcelo Kunrath Silva,  95-128 in Alsop, R., M. Bertelsen and J. Holland (eds). Empowerment in Practice: From Analysis to Implementation  (2006, The World Bank)

‘Performing Democracy in the Streets:  The Connections of Legislative Theater and Participatory Budgeting, ‘ in Schutzman, M. and J. Cohen-Cruz (eds), A Boal Companion: Dialogues on Theatre and Cultural Politics (2006, Routledge)

Decentralization as Opportunity Structure: Inequality and Innovation in Brazil’ 53-80  In Bardhan, P. and D. Mukerjee,(eds) Decentralization and Local Governance in Developing Countries: A Comparative Perspective (2006, MIT Press)

‘Porto Alegre: The Dynamism of the Unorganized’ 37-56 in Chavez, D. and B. Goldfrank (eds), The Left and the City (2006, Latin American Bureau)

Reprinted as ‘El Dinamismo de los desorganisados’ in La Isquierda y La Ciudad,Chavez and Goldfrank (eds).

‘Lula at the Crossroads’ in Economic and Political Weekly (India), February 2006 (4,500 words).

‘Crisis of the PT’ in Against the CurrentMay 2006 (4,000 words).


‘Interrogating Connections: From Public Criticisms to Critical Publics in Burawoy’s Public Sociology’,’ in Critical Sociology 31(3): 339-352, 2005.

‘The Road (Not Yet?) Taken:  The Workers’ Party after 18 months of National Power.’ In Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies2005. (2500 words)

Review of Robert Fishman’s Democracy’s Voices in Mobilization, 2005.


‘The Party and the Multitude:  The Workers’ Party (PT) and the World Social Forum,’  Journal of World Systems Research 10:199-215, Spring 2004. (Introduction to a Special Issue)

‘The PT and the Contradictions of the Good Governance Road: Brazil’ Workers’ Party as Urban Manager’ in Development Update (South Africa) 5:287-303,2004.

Review of Brettschneider’s Democratic Theorizing from the Margins in Journal of World Systems Theory 2004.

Review of Wilensky’s Rich Democracies, Social Forces 2004.


‘Anything but Racism: How Sociologists Limit the Significance of Racism’ with Eduardo Bonilla Silva, in Race & Society 4(2): 117-131, 2003.

‘Emergent Public Spheres; Talking and Practicing Politics in Participatory Governance.’ American Sociological Review  68:52-74, 2003.

‘Synergizing Civil Society: State Civil Society Regimes in Porto Alegre, Brazil.’ Political Power and Social Theory 15:3-86 2002/2003.

Review of Guttman’s Romance of Democracy and Avritzer’s Democracy and the Public Space in Brazil in American Journal of Sociology, 2003.

Thoughts on Brazil’s Future.’ (Interview by Stephanie Luce) in Against the Current 2003.

Review of Baker’s Understanding the Causes of Puerto Rican Poverty in Contemporary Sociology, 2003.


‘Media Coverage of 9-11 in Brazil.’ New Media and Society 3:2, 183-191, 2002.

The Pariahs of the Wonderful City. Crime, Geography and Citizenship in Rio de Janeiro. DisClosure: A Journal of Social Theory 11:143-1632002.

“Análise de Classes com um Sotaque.” ‘Análise de classes com um sotaque’ (‘Class Analysis with an accent’) preface to José Alcídes Figueiredo’s book Estrutura de Classes no Brasil. Vozes, 2002.  (Portuguese)

Subsidios, Hegemonia, e Diferença: O Lugar da Sociedade Civil em Porto Alegre (Elementos para uma critica)(Subsidies, Hegemony, and Difference: The Place of Civil Society in Porto Alegre; Elements for a Critique).  Portuguese/ English/French in Avançando Nossos Limites, Verle and Brunnet, eds. (2002: Editora Vozes)

The Urban Question in a Global World: ’(a book review of David Harvey’s Spaces of Hope) in Socialism and Democracy 33, 2002.

After Dependency: New narratives on (new) Inequalities in the Caribbean and Latin America‘ unpublished.   August 2002.

“Just Getting By” : The Experience of Temporary Work in San Diego’s Labor Market.  With Paula Chakravartty and Sundari Baru. Report for the Center for Policy Initiatives, San Diego, California, May, 2002.

Beyond Porto Alegre. Article in The International (University of Pittsburgh monthly)


Brazilian Cities in the Nineties and Beyond: New Urban Dystopias and Dystopias. in Socialism and Democracy 30:43-63, 2001.

‘Participation, Activism and Politics: the Porto Alegre case and Deliberative Democratic Theory.’ Politics & Society 29: 43-72, 2001

Dictionary Entries for The Dictionary of Sociology: Democracy, Culture, Political Sociology, Sociology of Development, Marxist Sociology, Political Culture, Critical Sociology. The Gale Group: 2001.


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