I am a professor of individualized studies and sociology at NYU, where I also direct the Urban Democracy Lab.    I work on themes of democracy, inequalities, and politics, particularly as they pertain to cities. I continue to work with The Right To The City Alliance and the Defend Democracy in Brazil Network. My most recent book is We, The Sovereign. In addition to academic writing I regularly contribute to outlets like Boston Review, NACLA Report on the Americas, and Dissent, among others.

I am an engaged scholar, which to me means that I am accountable to communities and worlds outside the university. “THESE ARE OUR WEAPONS” is one of the chants of the Indignados of Spain. When you hear it, you are supposed to raise your hands up in the air, as in the picture above that I took during the October 15th 2011 demonstration in Madrid. It is shows a commitment to the abiding power of democracy. I find it a very moving chant.

Thank you for visiting my page. After a long time, I’ve decided to have a web presence again. You’ll find here essays, syllabi, and interesting things related to sociology, broadly conceived.

This website is also not paid for by any university resources.

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