I am a professor of individualized studies and sociology at NYU, where I also direct the Urban Democracy Lab.    I work on themes of democracy, inequalities, and politics, particularly as they pertain to cities. Thank you for visiting my page.


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New Piece with Benzecry on Political Ethnography as method

Despite recent interest in political ethnography, most of the reflection has been on the ethnographic aspect of the enterprise with much less emphasis on the question implicit in the first word of the couplet: What is actually political about political ethnography and how much should ethnographers pre-define it? The question is complicated because a central …


I am involved in a number of writing and research projects at the moment.  (I’ve posted some of the written material under “Writings,” above.)  
  • The Politics of Inadequate Housing in New York City.  With Sara Duvisac, Nicole Summers, Avigail Vantu and Luis Aguasvivas.  (2017- present)
  • Urban Planning, Sustainability, and Imagined Futures.  With Hillary Angelo and Diane Graizbord
  • The Democratic City:  Learning from the Global South and North.  Book Project.
  • The Political Empowerment of the Disenfranchised: A Multi-Sited Ethnography.  With Ned Crowley.  With Funding from the Research Collaborative Fund.  Spring 2019-