Brazilian Democracy in Peril

Brazilian Democracy in Peril GIANPAOLO BAIOCCHI, MARCELO K. SILVA On March 14, Brazil was shaken by the killing of Marielle Franco in Rio de Janeiro, where Franco served as a leftist city councilor representing the favela community of Maré. Franco had recently been named to head a commission investigating military abuses during President Michel Temer’s …


Finally out: Beyond Civil Society

Happy to report that Duke UP has released  Beyond Civil Society: Activism, Participation, and Protest in Latin America, edited by Sonia Alvarez, Millie Thayer, Jeff Rubin, Agustin Lao-Montes, and myself.   You can read the foreword and intro here. The contributors to Beyond Civil Society argue that the conventional distinction between civic and uncivic protest, …

New Piece with Benzecry on Political Ethnography as method

Despite recent interest in political ethnography, most of the reflection has been on the ethnographic aspect of the enterprise with much less emphasis on the question implicit in the first word of the couplet: What is actually political about political ethnography and how much should ethnographers pre-define it? The question is complicated because a central …

Review of Samuel Cohn Employment and Globalization

This review appears in Contemporary Sociology here Employment and Development Under Globalization: State and Economy in Brazil, by Samuel Cohn.  2012. Palgrave McMillan.  236pp cloth.   Gianpaolo Baiocchi NYU   Samuel Cohn’s latest book, Employment and Development under Globalization: State and Economy in Brazil, uses the case of Brazil to revisit some of the classic …

The Rhetoric of Participation and Power Struggles in Spain’s New Administrations – A new essay

  We share below a new essay by Ernesto Ganuza and myself in Bez, a Spanish periodical.  The original is here   Retórica participativa y juegos de poder En Madrid, el nuevo Gobierno acaba de abrir un proceso participativo para preguntar a sus habitantes cómo debe ser el futuro de uno de sus rincones más emblemáticos, …

New Issue of Thesis 11 on the Subject of Politics/ New Essay on Rancière

Thesis 11 was good enough to publish, after quite some time in the pipeline, the essay that Brian Connor and I wrote on Rancière’s politics.  You can find it here under Writings.

thesis eleven

The Subject of Politics

David Roberts writes in his introduction

The question common to the papers in the present issue is that of the subject of politics, more exactly, the revolutionary subject, the counter-revolutionary subject, and the political subject as such. The theorists are European and the focus, with the exception of one paper on the contemporary French philosopher Ranciėre, is the European political crisis from the early twentieth century through to the interwar years.

What constitutes the modern political subject, and how can this postulated individual participate in, be determined by, and rebel against, political regimes? This collection of essays approaches these questions from different perspectives and locales. They engage with the traditions of emancipatory politics and critical theory as well as contemporary theoretical forms of understanding. David Roberts’ lucid introduction is highly recommended for the browsing reader.

Table of Contents

David Roberts

Reading Polish peripheral Marxism politically

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