International Conference on Participatory Budgeting celebrates US Processes

Now in our second day, the first (?) international conference on Participatory Budgeting on US soil drew many of the names associated with international processes, like Yves Cabbanes, Jez Hall, and  Giovanni Allegretti.  Brazilian representatives have included Pedro Pontual (representing the Federal Government), Tarson Nuñez (of the state government of Rio Grande do Sul), and Cezar Busatto, from Porto Alegre.   The event has included debates, presentations, and roundtables, but for most people the main attraction will be observing the voting process of New York’s PB later on today, March 31st.   The processes under way in the US – in Chicago and New York, have been the main attractions, but several organizers and activists from around the US have been on hand to discuss ongoing campaigns.   These include ongoing efforts from Greensboro (NC), New Orleans, Boston, Springfield (MA), Vallejo (CA), Boston, and Oakland.  The Right to the City Network – one of the co-sponsors of the event, discussed its national strategy to help promote as many as 3 more PB processes over the next couple of years.  Is another US, after all, possible??

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